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Silica Gel Industry is engaged in to Manufacturing of different Grade & Quality of SILICA GEL since 2001. Our SILICA GEL Manufacturing Factory is locked in Gujarat State-Mehsana District with Manufacturing Capacity of more than 500-MT SILICA GEL per Year. We are into Manufacturing of Indicating & Non-Indicating Type of SILICA GEL various grades. We are Indian SILICA GEL Manufacturer and supplying across the India in all the State & other countries to different Industries & traders, Government & Corporate organization. We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of different grade of Silica Gel including ORANGE SILICA GEL, WHITE SILICA GEL, BLUE SILICA GEL.

SILICA GEL Manufactured by us is of Best Quality & Standard which can be used in all the types of industries and in all the different type of applications. SILICA GEL Manufactured by us is as per Indian Standard-3401-1979, 1992 & 2003 specification & guidelines. As a Mfg. of SILICA GEL we believe to deliver & provide good quality product as the core application of SILICA GEL is to prevent the products damaged from moisture & as a catalyst.

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  • Drying and cleaning of air and gases
  • Drying of analytical samples
  • Drying of solvents
  • Drying of synthesis products
  • Optical instruments and devices
  • Protection of Export Consignments from moisture in salty atmosphere
  • Drying and storage of Flowers and Seeds
  • Desiccant in gas industry, dehydration and purification in Oxygen, Hydrogen and Chlorine,
  • In steel refinery industry and oxygen plant ,it can be used to remove ethane from oxygen. Etc
  • Silica Gel is also used in Dehumidifier. Desiccant Dehumidifier white silica gel is used.
  • Silica Gel is also used in Analysis of Chemicals.
Type of Packing
  • HDPPE Bag Packing
  • Plastic Drum Packing
  • Steel Drum Packing
  • Corrugated Drum Packing
  • Corrugated Box Packing
FAQ’s About Silica Gel Bags
Q. What quantity of silica gel should be used to protect items from moisture condensation?
Q. What is the maximum quantity of moisture Silica Gel can absorb?
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