Orange Silica Gel

ORANGE SILICA GEL is a heavy metal free, environmental-friendly humidity indicator SILICA GEL for protection of goods and miscellaneous substances widely USED in Transformer Breathers & Air Dryer in Power Sector.

ORANGE SILICA GEL is an alumino-silicate gel in the form of hard Round Shape or Spherical Beads form, with a very high resistance to crushing and a low attrition rate. Orange Silica Gel has a longer life than most other adsorbents and can reduce operating costs in most applications. It is also known as Nontoxic Indicating Silica gel

Orange Indicating Silica Gel is a spherical/beads type with very high mechanical integrity. The degree of moisture uptake is indicated by a color change from orange to Green & Orange to Colorless at 6 – 8 % weight water absorption. Silica Gel Orange meets the world demand for a heavy metal free and environmental friendly indicating agent.

Orange Silica Gel Available Sizes: 2 – 5 mm, 3 – 5 mm, 4 – 7 mm

Chemical Composition SiO2 – 97%, Al2O3 – 2%, Organic Indicator - <0.01%
Color Indication Orange-Brown-Green
Assay-as SiO2 97-98%
Appearance Spherical Beads / Round Shape
pH 4 - 8
Loss on Drying% Max 5 %
Adsorption Capacity at 100% humidity Min 30 %
Bulk Density 800 gm/ltr
Organic Indicator <0.01 wt. %
Size 3 – 5 mm
Qualified Ration Partical Size % 98 % min
Qualified Ration of Spherical Partials % 95 % min
Adsorption Capacity RH=20%
Min. 08-09 %
Min. 13-14 %
Min. 22-24%
Color Variation at RH RH=20%
Light Brown to Yellow
Light Brown to Green
Light Blackish to Green
Surface Area 700 m3/g
Pore Volume 0.4 cm3/g
Crush Strength >200 N
Attrition Rate >200 N
Chemical Formula of Orange Silica Gel SiO2 + H2O + C25H30ClN3
Advantages & Benefits of Orange Silica Gel :-
1 Indicating status of silica gel without cobalt chloride.
2 Non - toxic and non flammable silica gel
3 Environmental friendly type
4 Acceptable worldwide especially in European countries.
5 Higher absorption Capacity at low RH